Our CD "Fika"   &   tunebook

We are excited at being able to share our CD "Fika", a tasty selection of favorite traditional tunes from our year in Sweden.

Also check out our enthusiastically received Trip to Tobo tunebook, an inspiring digital collection in PDF and mp3.

Fika CD TtT tunebook

See our Recordings page for more info, sound samples, how to buy.

Upcoming tour dates

Come see us play!

  • Oct — NYC
  • Nov — Greenfield & Boston
  • Feb — Dance Flurry

See our Calendar page for details.

Recently returned from a rewarding year of studying together in Sweden, lydia & Andrea are eager to share the music they've brought home. They perform an energetic and engaging program of traditional music on fiddle, 5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, and voice.

lydia and Andrea with instruments and tree