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Koivu — lydia & Juha (2018)

This one's not a lydia-&-Andrea project, but we reckon you'll want to know about it anyway. We are excited to announce that lydia has recently released a new duo record with Juha Kujanpää, a pianist/composer friend in Finland. Listen for joyful interpretations of traditional and modern tunes, along with their own trad-influenced compositions. Polskas, waltzes, schottises, marches!

lydia ievins (nyckelharpa, 5-string fiddle) — Montague MA, USA
Juha Kujanpää (piano, harmonium) — Helsinki, Finland

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CD price: $15

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Fika (2013)

Tasty traditional tunes from Sweden on fiddle & nyckelharpa. Our very favorite quintessential Swedish tradition, "fika" is about pausing to enjoy coffee/tea and treats, and sharing them with friends. It is nearly always time for fika! We are very excited about bringing you these favorite tunes from our year in Tobo.

If you enjoy learning tunes from transcriptions or from simpler slowed-down recordings, see also our tunebook below, which contains all of these tunes.

lydia ievins (5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa)
Andrea Larson (fiddle, voice)

  1. play sample Polska efter Skrap-Olla [fiddles]
  2. Slängpolskor [fiddles]
  3. Kärleken i världen [voice, fiddle]
  4. play sample Schottis till Tom av lydia ievins & Andrea Larson [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
  5. Polkett efter August Bohlin [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
  6. Skänklåt efter A.G. Jernberg [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
  7. play sample Karl XIIs vals [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
  8. Härjedalsschottis [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
  9. Polska efter Tulpan [fiddles]
  10. play sample Halling från Härjedalen [fiddles]

(Total time 27:52)

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Digital download

If you prefer your music in digital form, we've got that too. Includes a PDF of the album art: photos, notes and stories about the tunes, full credit to all the folks who deserve credit.

Trip to Tobo tunebook

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Trip to Tobo tunebook (2013)

This tunebook began as a promised reward for supporters of our Kickstarter campaign, but it is now available for sale as well. It consists of two main parts: an e-book in PDF format, and a folder of mp3 files, one for each tune. The document and the audio are designed to be used together, since—as you may know—transcriptions have their limitations in this genre. The recordings are "taught at a workshop" caliber: I play each tune slowly/simply first, and then again more like real life. This descriptive info and other useful tidbits are in the friendly preface page of the tunebook. It includes all of the tunes on our CD "Fika".

Featuring: lydia ievins (5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa)

  1. Aldrig har jag sagt - slängpolska
  2. Barockpolska av Édoard du Puy
  3. Bonden i Paradis - vals
  4. D-moll schottis av Konsta Jylhä
  5. Fyra svarta hästar - slängpolska
  6. Gulamålavitens brudmarsch fr. Valö
  7. Gustafs skål
  8. Halling e. Garnbindarn
  9. Halling fr. Gunnarskog
  10. Halling fr. Härjedalen
  11. Härjedalsschottis
  12. Kära min mor - slängpolska
  13. Karl XIIs vals
  14. Lasse leile diu - slängpolska
  15. Österby paradmarsch av Hasse Gille
  16. Polkett e. August Bohlin (A/D/G)
  17. Polkett e. August Bohlin (D/G)
  1. Polonäs e. Gustaf Blidström
  2. Polska e. Byss-Calle
  3. Polska e. Byss-Calle nr36
  4. Polska e. Carl Viktor Rulin
  5. Polska e. Myrås-Pålle
  6. Polska e. Petter Dufva nr19
  7. Polska e. Petter Dufva nr22
  8. Polska e. Petter Dufva nr45
  9. Polska e. Skrap-Olla
  10. Polska e. Tulpan
  11. Polska i D-moll e. Anders Liljefors d.ä.
  12. Schottis till Tom av lydia ievins & Andrea Larson
  13. Skänklåt e. Anton Gustaf Jernberg
  14. Slängpolska i F-dur av lydia ievins
  15. Spelmansvisa e. Anton Gustaf Jernberg

(Total time 1:26:21)

Praise from early adopters:

"This is like Christmas! It is so beautifully conceived and executed. I love everything you wrote, both in the preface and the notes on each tune. ... I am absolutely delighted!" —Sarah S.

"This is WONDERFUL ... I love the format with slow, normal AND music. This is just super!! Thank you!" —Maurita H.

"It will be enlightening to get more deeply into this collection. Well worth the investment!" —Matt F.

Trip to Tobo

Price: $5

Trip to Tobo: the digital EP (2012)

We created this digital EP as a reward for supporters of the Kickstarter campaign that made our year in Sweden possible.

lydia ievins (fiddle, viola, nyckelharpa)
Andrea Larson (fiddle, voice)

  1. Laurel och Tristans brudpolska [fiddles]
    In August 2006 Andrea was warming up to play for a wedding and this tune hopped right into her fingers. She made it a gift for the happy couple, the daughter and son-in-law of a favorite student.
  2. Örebro engelska [fiddles]
    This is the first Swedish tune Andrea learned by ear, from the playing of Isabell Svärdmalm of the band Klintetten. Trad. Örebro.
  3. Sommarens schlager [voice, viola]
    This is one of our favorite polska tunes to play together — or, in this setting, to sing and play. Trad. Rättvik efter Pers Olle.
  4. Schottis från Högfors [fiddles]
    We learned this tune from our friend Stefhan Ohlström. Trad. Västmanland efter Ivar Bergman.
  5. Holevvalsen [fiddles]
    Traditional Danish tune, which Andrea learned from virtuosic fiddler Harald Haugaard in 1999.
  6. Great Falls [fiddle, nyckelharpa]
    A majestic-sounding tune that lydia named after her home village in the town of Montague. She originally thought it would want to be a polska, but it seems to have an identity crisis. Maybe it's a polonäs?
  7. Ursulas hambo [fiddles]
    Ursula is a small cheerful bear who will be accompanying lydia on our adventure in Sweden. She wanted her tune title to be in Swedish (hence the lack of apostrophe).
  8. Spelmansglädje [nyckelharpa, voice]
    Deservedly the most famous tune in the nyckelharpa repertoire, by the late great Eric Sahlström. We offer it here in honor of Eric's 100th birthday this year, and of our travels to study at the Institute that bears his name.

(Total time 19:23)


Northlands (2010)

New fiddle tunes in traditional Scandinavian styles: a collection of original tunes by Bruce Sagan and lydia. Andrea doesn't play on this record, but it does feature lydia's waltz for her, "Waiting for Andrea", on twin nyckelharpas.

Bruce Sagan (fiddle, nyckelharpa, hardingfele)
lydia ievins (fiddle, nyckelharpa)

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