Praise for our Träd Weekend

"One of the best musical workshops I've ever been to. ... The most wholistic full-body full-spirit approach to music I've ever heard." —Bennett K.

"Really felt like you cared about us." —Bob M.

"It's more than music: what you guys are teaching me is how to look at life." —Peter B.

"Appreciated that you'd done lots of lesson planning, but were also willing to let go and go with the flow." —Aaron M.

"I absolutely LOVE the energy that you two bring to this music." —Dave D.

"I thought you both did a great job and I liked the way you worked together." —Laura S.

"THANK YOU for envisioning, planning, and enacting such a high-quality teaching weekend." —Susan C.

Past successes

2017-03Shepherdstown, WV
2016-10Montague, MA
2015-11Montague, MA
2015-10Kensington, MD
2015-06Belfast, ME
2014-11Montague, MA
Träd: Cultivating Scandi rhythm & roots for dance musicians

Intensive workshop for dance musicians

Our brains and notebooks are still brimming with all the amazing musical inspiration we gathered at school in Sweden, and we've developed some fun and effective ways to share them with musicians back home.

Träd Weekend

Our Träd Weekend is an intensive weekend workshop for instrumental musicians on melody instruments, largely though not exclusively slanted toward fiddle and nyckelharpa. We work on Swedish tune repertoire, learn about engaging your core rhythm, explore how dance and movement inform your role as a musician, and practice the skills of playing irresistibly inspiring music for dancing.

The teaching level is best suited to intermediate and advanced players who are comfortable learning tunes by ear.

now planning for Fall 2017

in Montague MA

when the registration form is posted.